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dc.contributor{"last":"Scharif","first":"Emad","role":"Researcher","affiliation":"University of Kassel, Institute of Production Technology and Logistics, Metal Forming Technology"}
dc.contributor{"last":"Steinhoff","first":"Kurt","role":"ProjectLeader","affiliation":"University of Kassel, Institute of Production Technology and Logistics, Metal Forming Technology"}
dc.contributor{"last":"Niendorf","first":"Thomas","role":"ProjectLeader","affiliation":"University of Kassel, Institute of Materials Engineering, Metallic Materials"}
dc.contributor{"last":"Weidig","first":"Ursula","role":"Researcher","affiliation":"University of Kassel, Institute of Production Technology and Logistics, Metal Forming Technology"}{"last":"Sajjadifar","first":"Seyedvahid","affiliation":"University of Kassel, Institute of Materials Engineering, Metallic Materials","id":"orcid","id_value":""}
dc.descriptionThis data focuses on the high temperature characteristics of thermo-mechanically processed AA7075 alloy. An integrated die forming process that combines solution heat treatment and hot forming at different temperatures was employed to process the AA7075 alloy. Low die temperature resulted in the fabrication of parts with higher strength, similar to that of T6 condition, while forming this alloy in the hot die led to the fabrication of more ductile parts. Isothermal uniaxial tensile tests in the temperature range of 200–400 °C and at strain rates ranging from 0.001–0.1 s−1 were performed on the as-received material, and on both the solution heat-treated and the thermo-mechanically processed parts to explore the impacts of deformation parameters on the mechanical behavior at elevated temperatures. Flow stress levels of AA7075 alloy in all processing states were shown to be strongly temperature- and strain-rate dependent. Results imply that thermo-mechanical parameters are very influential on the mechanical properties of the AA7075 alloy formed at elevated temperatures.de_DE
dc.descriptionIMPORTANT: In case you use the data please cite our corresponding article
dc.description.sponsorship{"funderName":"LOEWE - Hessisches Landesprogramm","awardTitle":"ALLEGRO"}
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0
dc.subjectHigh strength aluminumde_DE
dc.subjectThermo-mechanical processingde_DE
dc.subjectHigh temperature deformationde_DE
dc.subjectEN AW 7075 alloyde_DE
dc.subjectMechanical propertiesde_DE
dc.titlePerformance of Thermo-Mechanically Processed AA7075 Alloy at Elevated Temperatures—From Microstructure to Mechanical Propertiesde_DE
local.ka.departmentInstitute of Materials Engineering, Metallic Materialsde_DE

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